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    Greetings, I have recently decided to recover several of my previous works to add small stories/descriptions to a multitude of them.  This will be accomplished over the next couple of weeks along with the release of many new works.  As always I hope you all enjoy what is to come and in the mean time I appreciate the interest, comments, watches, everything!


    If anyone knows a friend that knows a friend of a publishing agent or anything in that sort I would very much appreciate contact with such an individual.  The stacking tasks of daily life make the search for such parties extraordinarily difficult, especially for a university student.  Otherwise if you would read the short stories I have posted (or will be posting) I would very much appreciate feedback on each of them as it helps me to better recognize the most favorable stories and writing styles.  Besides who knows, the most popular stories I might just convert into full fledged novels when I get the time.


    I have also come to the understanding there is some confusion with all of the fiction involved in Legacy and I would like to clear that up a little bit with a extremely streamlined overview of several of the factions involved in the Legacy galaxy.

- A.O.E.
Humanity, more or less. They are the remnant of the species that escaped Earth and have since become a formidable military force striking deep into their new home.

- Robotics
The machine guardians of the Legacy galaxy over watching the experiment, carrying on after their now extinct masters.

- Dwellers
Rebels to the Elementals known as Deletun to their kind, banded together by a belief in the power of nature and the elements.  Associated as druids for the most part, Dwellers are protective guardians of natural worlds and will use all resources at their disposal to defend what is theirs.

- Kin
Creations of the ancients during an ancient competition to create the perfect race.  Each Kin is reptilian in nature and yet evolves individually over their lifetime to an infinite number of possible outcomes in physical stature and appearance.

- Demorians
Demorians are the evolution of a aquatic breed of worms known as Demor that have in time evolved to intelligence in mass.  Each Demorian is comprised of literally thousands of Demor placed upon the skeleton of slain foes for structure covered with the armor crafted completely by slave labor.

- Scavengeers
The survivors of Tarma, forced to live in a post apocalyptic environment with few resources they are of the most adaptable in the galaxy, mutations set in by the wars have turned many to creatures far different than their human predecessors.

- Mettavessas
A precaution to the Zomborians in case the Robotics ever got out of hand, a secret army built to evolve its technology to the point it would be unstoppable.  They thrive in secret yet one day their true numbers would be known and a new conquest would begin.

- Underground
This diverse faction of terrorists and rebels that combat the A.O.E. and many other factions at every turn.  Considered pirates and slaves to darkness by most the Underground see themselves as freedom fighters.

- Cannibals
Infected individuals with a insatiable hunger that causes them to travel in mass to devour whatever they find be it living or dead.  Most lack fingers that they have since devoured themselves and are covered with dirt from the hundreds of miles of tunnel networks they dig beneath the ground.  For the most part mutation makes their kind versatile and savage.

- Undead
An attempt by the Zomborians at eternal life.  It was a miserable failure that lead to the creation of a new insatiable kind of monsters and the deaths of much of the species.

- Ragg
A later creation of the Zomborians to combat the Undead.  When a Ragg dies they decay countless thousands of times faster than normal living tissue, a 'disease' against the Undead known as degeneration.  Ragg are similar to rat humanoids and observe a strict honor and law system enforced by an A.I. eventually known as Mary.

- Arac
Insect and Arachnid creatures dwelling in the deep catacombs of the green worlds.  They are in a constant war against the Raptros over religious and philosophical debate.  More recently the theft of a Raptro deity has caused a new conflict on a much more grand scale.

- Raptros
Reptilian barbarians and savages that ride a strange allotment of mounts into battle against various races.  Raptros seem skittish at first yet in numbers with a warlord leading them they are a force to be reckoned with.

- Organics
A magic oriented group focused on anti technology believing that any technology beyond what can be handcrafted is the cause of large scale conflict in the galaxy.  They are among the best casters in the galaxy and are often enslaved for that very purpose.

- Armageddon
The Nanite horde that hunger to see the end of their creators, the Vavi.  They are adept in space combat and are normally savage creatures usually taking what they desire over any incentive to barter or deal.

- Corrupt
The product of Abyss's will taken form.  Dark shadowy creatures that desire nothing more than to see darkness envelop all in existence.

- Vavi
An advanced alien race from a foreign galaxy, they are blind and relatively physically weak.  It is their intellect and wisdom that wins them many wars and keeps the race from extinction on a daily basis.

- Ogreo
The doom fated dwellers of a world known as Avar.  They are a gaseous infused race meaning they have no blood or muscle structure as we know it instead gaining movement through the production of various gases to different sections of their body to give them movement and flight.

- Werewolves
The product of the A.O.E.'s attempt to create super soldiers, a girus infected people changing them into various bestial forms, not quite animal, nor human.  Despite their name there is a rare breed of creatures known as Wereravens which are enveloped within the Werewolf clans.

- Goblins
The Zomborians attempt to create a species that could circumvent extinction through numbers.  Once a infamously dangerous legion now reduced to a rebellion of saboteurs by the Demorians.

- Demons
The endless horde of Abyss, created from the souls of creatures that deny their fate in death and those that traverse out from their realm too long to contract what is known as dimension.

- Elementals
The result of the demonic horde's attempt at slaying death itself.  Creatures creatures from nature's contact with mana.  Endless variations exist composed of all the elements of nature and the power of the mana that they bleed.

There that is some of them, if you would like more information on any of these factions I would be happy to provide.  In the mean time this should hopefully clear up a small amount of the confusion with how the files in the concept art are sorted.  So happy exploration and as always much more to come.


I have also been considering hosting a contest for the sake of hosting one, something to the effect of a crossover competition between the factions of Legacy and some other fiction or something to that effect.  If anyone is interested in being commissioned for this or has an opinion on the idea I would very much like to hear about it!


Thank you all, appreciate the interest and I look very forward to hearing from all of you.

- Monsmaster
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GeijutsuCentral Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I have to admit this sounds very interesting ^_^
You clearly put a huge aount of work into this, and I wish you the best of luck. :)
Monsmaster Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks, I have been working on it over 15 years now and am finishing the copyright stage on much of the work whilst looking for a way to get it onto the open scene.  Perhaps one day it will be in movies and games but for now, its on DeviantArt. :D (Big Grin)

Always appreciate the comments and look forward to hearing from you in the future.

- Monsmaster
GeijutsuCentral Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That is awesome! I'm happy to know that the project is going so well, after such a long time of work. It sounds like things are going good for you at the moment. Keep it up +fav
Monsmaster Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Many thanks, if there is anything you would like to see more of, be sure to let me know.

- Monsmaster
Solyr Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2013
Yes, this definitely clears up a few things, thank you. =)
Enjoy writing your stories and good luck!
Monsmaster Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks, I was hoping this wasn't too confusing.  Most find the basic principles of the stories easier to understand when there is material that can be related to other fictions.  I would be getting more stories out but unfortunately things have been piling up.  Still I will be putting out more art in the next couple of days, the stories will be thrown in at random.  Oh, and I would very much appreciate it if on the story pages themselves you (or others) when you get the chance, could write exactly what you like or don't like about them.  This will help me know which way to lean in writing style and subject matter in the future stories.

Thanks again, always appreciate the comment
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